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Christian Values — Quality Education

Mission Statement

Learn      Serve       Grow

With God as our foundation, we equip children for life-long learning and service

by nurturing hearts and minds for Christ.

Our Values

Students have regular opportunities to learn about Jesus Christ and all he has done for them as their personal Lord and Savior.   It is our prayer that our students hear and believe that salvation comes by grace through faith, knowing that Jesus died for their sins and promises them eternal life in heaven.

Students are encouraged to apply God’s standard to their own actions, behaviors, and attitudes and are taught and encouraged to live out their faith in meaningful ways. 

Students are nurtured in an environment which extends forgiveness and, in turn, are taught the importance of extending God’s grace to others.

Students have teachers who lead by example (words, actions, behaviors, and attitudes)

and encourage them to do the same.

Students are encouraged and given opportunity to participate in service projects as an act of gratitude for their blessings and as an extension of their faith in ways that excite them and utilize their unique talents and gifts.

Students have teachers who give them the opportunity to

succeed and excel  because they are taught at their academic ability level

in an appropriately rigorous and challenging academic program.

Students build up, support, and care for each other. 

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