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Below are testimonies from parents of alumni at Christ Lutheran School.

"Our children attended Christ Lutheran School, with our oldest child starting in the Fall of 2000. As full-time working parents, we were looking for a school outside of our district, but near our workplaces. We came upon CLS, took a tour of the school, and immediately decided this was where we knew our child would thrive. Nineteen years later (those were nineteen continuous years at CLS with no gap years in between), all three of our children have graduated from the school, and we are extremely blessed and thankful to have received a fine Christian education for each one of them. Within those years, our children have had the honor of sharing some of the SAME teachers, staff, and faculty who not only have provided for them educationally and spiritually, but also teach them how to serve others as well. The education that our children had received at CLS prepared them extremely well in their high school and college years. We highly recommend Christ Lutheran School to anyone seeking a school that has a professional staff that not only cares for their students’ education, but also to prepare them as well-rounded individuals in their future."

Anna Yee

"I have been meaning to send an email to all of you to say thank you so much for all you have done for Reese! She loved her time at CLS and all that you have done for her. She loved her teachers, learned to balance her time, loved her worship there and left with nothing but positive things to say. The last three years made a huge impact on her and we are so very proud of her. We all know the difficulty of trying to be the best parent you can be which is challenging and the support from CLS paralleled all we try to enforce at home. It is a very loving environment and for that I am forever grateful!! I am sure you will see us soon."

Terri Diethrich

"We had an extremely positive experience sending both of our daughters to CLS. What stands out to us is the level of love and care that the teachers and staff had for each of our daughters, even as they were challenged by the curriculum and prepped to succeed in high school. What sets CLS above all other schools we considered is the nurturing environment and level of care they give students and their families, especially during the sometimes-awkward and difficult middle school years! We could not recommend CLS and its staff highly enough!"

The Polk Family

"Christ Lutheran School was more than a school to my child and our family. Christ Lutheran school was a place that welcomed us as a family as well as provided a great education, support and guidance to my child. Not only does the school teach the curriculum in a faith based environment, but also provides many opportunities for growth in other areas of interest. I have always said that CLS kids and teachers "work hard and play hard."

Shelly Bream

"Christ Lutheran School provides a perfect balance of community, education and love. We appreciate the singularity of our Christ Church-Lutheran and Christ Lutheran School, and the unity in worship and education. We appreciate the quality of the teachers and administrators on staff, who love and care for our children as if they were their own. And we appreciate the challenging academic curriculum that prepares our boys for their academic future, and beyond. Kerrie and I both feel that what we teach at home is being reinforced in the classroom, resulting in a unified effort between family/church/school to raise children with strong Christian values, and to prepare them for adult life."

Scott and Kerrie Schmidt

"As I walked today onto the Christ Lutheran campus I felt a feeling quite like I’ve never experienced before. I realized this was the last time I would ever walk my son into school. It was also the last time I would experience being a parent at CLS. When they say it takes a village to raise your children, they were not kidding, and I am truly blessed to have been part of this wonderful village for so many years.""

Kristen Furcini

"Despite all of the stress and hardships of every day life, the one overwhelmingly positive constant in our lives has always been CLS and CCL. The nurturing and love that my children received from you, all the staff, and Pastor Jeff, for so many years, is truly remarkable. And it goes without saying, the incredible education that both children received goes far and above anything I could have ever asked for. The incredible young adults that my children are becoming, I owe, in large part, to CLS. The amount of pride I feel for being a part of this institution is hard to express and we will miss you all so very much! We will of course continue to attend church and hope to see some of you again soon."

Kaye Wagstaff

"Every opportunity I have I’ve been thanking all the teachers at CLS for their incredible gift and passion of teaching. Please express my gratitude from Sergio and me. Every year we have been at CLS has been even better than the previous year. The rigorous academics are just one part of the CLS experience, the Christian-based education is another. The care to develop the whole student as a future member of our society and to give back to the community. CLS established the foundation for students that they are there for an education but to excel in their academics with a future that includes serving themselves, their families and their community guided by what Christ teaches us in the Bible. Thank you doesn’t say it enough, but we are incredibly thankful for your leadership, the administration and teachers at CLS. "

Sergio and Trisha Pacheco

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